Who is Elaine?

Commissioner Elaine Boyer

She prevented taxpayer money from lining the pockets of developers. She opposed expanding the county’s workforce. And she has voted against tax hikes for the past 20 years.

DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer is the one who fights for taxpayers, small business owners and public safety officers.

The veteran leader may be the lone Republican on the board, but she is the longest-serving member and remains committed to her fiscal conservative ideals. For 20 years, Boyer has represented the more than 120,000 residents in District 1, encompassing much of North DeKalb -- including Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Tucker and Smoke Rise.

While politics in the county may change, Boyer has remained true to her ideals and continued to crusade for the basic tenets of conservatism: limiting the tax burden, reducing the size of government, fighting for constituents, and keeping families safe. These tents have resulted in proven leadership.

  • Limiting the tax burden: Boyer has also voted against millage increases for 20 years. She also has advocated for using 100 percent of the county’s penny sales tax (HOST) to offset the property tax burden. Unfortunately, she was often outnumbered in these votes.
  • Reducing the size of government: Boyer voted to cut $36 million from last year’s budget and in support of reducing 800 government positions through early retirement in 2010.
  • Fighting for constituents: After hearing from hundreds of concerned residents, Boyer led the successful fight to stop a proposal to raise residents’ taxes to give to a private developer the chance to turn the former GM plant in Doraville into a mixed retail-office park.
  • Keeping families safe: Boyer led the charge to create a special tax district for police to ensure that tax money is going directly to public safety and not unnecessary government waste.

Boyer knows what residents want because before each vote, she reviews the proposal, talks with constituents and determines if the plan meets that litmus test. This is a mark of a true conservative - one who seeks to get government out of the way of the taxpayer, the business owner, and the entrepreneur.

Whether it is questioning county employees’ travel expenses and hefty severance packages, or opposing water rate hikes and the antiquated CEO form of government, Boyer has been an outspoken watchdog for tax dollars. She demanded investigations into questionable spending and launched initiatives to cut costs in insurance, pensions and salaries.

A small business owner, Boyer believes county government should be run like a business. But without a Republican majority, commissioners have enacted policies against her wishes to expand the number of county employees, services and expenditures.

Growing up in Clarkston, Boyer knows what is best for DeKalb. Boyer and her husband of 30 years, John, reside in Smoke Rise with their two daughters, Sarah and Rebecca. The family is actively involved with the Grace Fellowship Church. 

Not only is Boyer a veteran of local politics, she has worked for statewide and congressional Republicans, including the campaigns of 4th District Congressional candidate John Mitnick and lieutenant governor candidate Clint Day. In 2008, Boyer was elected with more than 57 percent of the vote.

DeKalb citizens who value lower taxes, safer streets and smaller government know Boyer has been their best friend and advocate. She will continue to be their watchdog when no one else is looking out for their checkbooks.